What we do - Significant assignments executed by Perfork.

India has witnessed an unprecedented level of economic expansion in recent years. As one of India’s leading service providers PERFORK has been steadily expanding its footprint to support this growth. We  help our customers to use automation and medical electronics efficiently and to increase industrial productivity. Today, PERFORK is an integral part of the growth story of the region.


Repairing obsolete and seemingly unrepairable electronics is our specialization.








All the above drives came to us for repairs. The machines were down and all repairs had to be done on a war footing. We repaired the burnt 'power cards' and circuitry added to give high stability to the drives.
Obsolete components were replaced with custom designed circuits.
All drives were repaired and installed on machines and a guarantee of six months given.



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Have obsolete or seemingly unrepairable electronics for repair?
Get it repaired with a Six Month Guarantee! (Including the power modules).


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