Terms of Service



1. Our guarantees are underwritten by a pool of selected repair/ service providers and suppliers and as such parts components etc., used in repair work are necessarily to be purchased from our suppliers, who in turn contribute to service the guarantees we give.

2. All repaired electronics are sealed by us and tampering with the seal renders all guarantees null and void.

3. All guarantees are valid if and only if payments are received by us positively within TEN Days of presentation of bills for work done.

4. All guarantees are deemed null and void on the eleventh day after presentation of bills and such withdrawal of guarantees can be reinstated if and only if a premium of 6% of the bill amount is received by us.

5. Repairs Under Guarantee are carried out at site if and only if our technical personnel are available at that locale when the breakdown occurs; if no personnel are available the electronics under repair should be sent to our Shirpur/Silvassa facilities for repairs.

6. Should you require on-site repairs then you will be called to make payment in advance for to and fro travel.


1. All payments are strictly to be made positively within TEN Days of successful completion of work.

2. Late payment penalty is 12% (our system will bill for it automatically).

3. Should you prefer that we get the required parts and components for the job to be procured by us then you shall make a 35% advance of the total estimate quoted for the work.


1. Execution of work is strictly against Work Order. Such Work Order shall explicitly mention that payment will be made within TEN Days of presentation of bill.


1. All advances AND / OR payments collected toward the execution of the work order shall be refunded if the work is not completed way beyond the time frame given in the Inspection Report - Estimate AND / OR the work cannot be done.

2. Such refunds shall be made within SEVEN days of receipt of request sent to Perfork Support at: refunds@perfork.co.in


Without prejudice to either party, all terms are subject to conditions force majeure.

We guarantee only electronics serviced/maintained by us under Annual Maintenance Contracts.

Paid Preventive Maintenance Service done on a single instance basis are guaranteed for One Month only.

Free Preventive Maintenance Service done on a single instance basis are guaranteed for One Day (Twenty-four Hours) only; cost of all consumables are to be paid by the client.

The terms are being reworked on - Come back soon.

1. Our call attendance charges to visit and inspect any electronics under repair and give estimate for their rectification are:
(A) Within 100 Km. of our facilities - ₹200.00 per hour (Minimum payable is ₹500.00) and
(B) Within 200 Km. of our facilities - ₹400.00 per hour (Minimum payable is ₹1000.00)

2. Estimates so given (at site) shall be budgetary and final and firm estimates are possible only when we inspect it at our test bench at our facilities.

3. Should the repair work be awarded us, we shall deduct the amount so received from our final bill.

4. All call attendance charges are to be paid in cash immediately upon completion of the visit.

5. Calls are only attended if and only if a mail to make the call is send to us at: call@perfork.co.in

The terms are being reworked on - Come back soon.

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All Terms & Conditions are subject to modifications/change without notice.

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