Industrial repairs through an extensive network of service centers. In emergencies or during scheduled shutdowns, we will quickly repair and service your equipment.

The refurbishment process includes analysis, repair, testing and full restoration of the equipment to its proper operating condition.

PERFORK can also plan for and provide exchange units to minimize production breaks while maintenance work is carried out. The availability of exchange units varies between products.

We work on the basis that, if something can go wrong, it probably will, and usually at the worst possible time – during the night, over the weekend or on a public holiday. We’re always prepared so you can leave the worry and hassle to us. 

When you select PERFORK Repairs, you quickly get help when a problem arises. During emergencies or planned production breaks, we carry out repairs at the machine's operating site, or in a service center or workshop.

Have electronics for repair? Get it repaired with a Six Month Guarantee!
Call: +91-78-7887-6666   OR   Just click on the ENQUIRE button on the right and raise a support ticket. {Note: The guarantee also covers the power modules replaced.}