Our objectives

PERFORK is determined to run the business with abiding value systems; with the understanding that integrity begins with leadership, responsibility and above all accountability.




1. To repair & maintain sophisticated electronic equipments and to provide them quality services at minimal cost.

2. To constantly improve facilities in our office premises in terms of technology up-gradation and impart all necessary training to employees at PERFORK, from time to time.

3. To ensure exact diagnosis of fault, suggest better solutions and provide continuous back-up for the advanced electronics industry.

Perfork Technologies is a growth-oriented business. Its goal is to become a regional leader in Industrial Automation & Medical Electronics repair, with shops in the Silvassa, Shirpur and Jalgaon area. With this in mind, the objectives for Perfork Technologies are the following:

• Achieve steady growth in sales revenues.
• Achieve local market share of approximately 30% by year 2020.
• Expand product line to include authorized service channel partnership of reputed automation equipment manufacturers.


Our Mission

The mission of Perfork Technologies is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive Automation and Medical Electronics repair at a low cost. The most important aspect of our business is trust. It is the goal of our firm to have 100% customer satisfaction in regards to quality, friendliness and time to completion, and discover new ways to exceed the expectations of our customers while doing so at the lowest possible cost.

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