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PERFORK Maintenance ensures systematic and organized maintenance and support for your production.

Preventive maintenance decreases the risk of equipment failures and unscheduled repairs.

Our maintenance services always include repairs to meet exacting standards set by the manufacturers and we refurbish the equipment to correspond to the original product.

We offer Non-Comprehensive, Comprehensive and Retainer Ship maintenance programs that define maintenance work.

On signing a contract the first thing we do is stock the required spare parts for different stages.

The programs ensure the best possible usability and performance of the equipment.

Our pro-active approach helps eliminate many potential problems.

PERFORK maintenance contracts come with a unique guarantee and compensations scheme!



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Industrial Automation - All makes and models are covered by Perfork

Drives - AC, DC, Servo and all motor controls and drives.
Power Converters & Inverters
UPS & Power Conditioning
Control Systems

Medical Electronics - All makes and models are covered by Perfork

Colour Dopplers
X-Ray Machines
Cautery Machines
Patient Monitors

Industrial Automation

Textile Industry - Weaving, Spinning, Processing
Plastic Moulding - Injection & Blow Moulding
Plastic Industry - Extruders
Paper Industry
Cable & Wire Industry - Extruders & Winders

Medical Electronics

Hospitals and Clinics
Diagnostic Clinics
Pathology Labs.
Intensive Care Units
Research Centers

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