Installation and Commissioning - by PERFORK


We have extensive experience of equipment installation and commissioning projects across India. PERFORK specializes in Industrial Automation and Medical Electronics. Repair and Maintenance Services is a passion with us!.

We've well defined procedures, related to installation and commissioning, specifically defined for each piece of equipment. Our personnel have the necessary skills for the job. They are trained in planning, coordination, management, supervision and inspection duties, as well as in instructing the operating personnel.

Perfork' Installation and Commissioning services delivers the desired technology / efficient production processes you need.




Motor Drives?  - Any Make,  Any Model,  Any Day!  We're ready!

We study the products and we understand the requirements of customers' processes. With PERFORK Installation and Commissioning, you will be supported by our teams of fast, efficient and highly-trained installation and commissioning experts.



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